Tips for beginners on how to jump into the industry with confidence.

Real Estate Investing


Whether you’re in search of a career change, or would simply like to earn multiple streams of income, real estate investing is an appealing option for many individuals. Although there is much to learn about the industry, it is relatively easy for newcomers to become successful if they stick to specific tried-and-true strategies for success. The process can be as hands-off or hands-on as one desires, and the potential for passive income is extraordinary.

If you are interested in building wealth through real estate investing, read on for a quick guide from the Madison Hunter real estate team. Madison Hunter provides expert real estate investment advice with a goal-oriented, success-driven approach for every market condition. Reach out to the team when you're ready to get the ball rolling.


Why invest in real estate?

Successful real estate investing is an effective avenue for building generational wealth and diversifying your investment portfolio. Real estate serves as a long-term, passive, stable stream of income with several tax advantages and can be a good hedge against inflation risks, as property values tend to curve upward over time. 

Real estate can also provide tax-free capital, as investors can use 1031 exchanges to defer capital gains taxes by selling a business property and using the equity towards an alternative property. 

Overall, real estate investment is reliable and typically appreciates long-term, offering investors financial security for the future.


How to get started

First, you’ll undoubtedly want a team of experts on your side to guide you through the multi-faceted process of real estate investing. 

At Madison Hunter, our team of Investment Specialists possesses first-hand knowledge and expertise in the entire scope of the real estate investment process, all the way from the identification of suitable real estate to active management of residential and commercial properties. Our clients feel confident in their investments as our highly skilled agents guide them to develop and expand their real estate holdings portfolios. 

At Madison Hunter, we educate investors interested in one-on-one or group mentorship as they begin their investment journeys. 

Working with us, we will guide you as you learn how to analyze real estate options and opportunities for expansion and become adept at managing your properties. We will help you prepare tax returns on your investments and utilize financial planning strategies to reach success. We will aid you in structuring and planning your acquisition tactics, and we will be there as you respond to and evolve with the economic climate to protect your future. 

We practice what we preach — each team member is personally invested in the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market, collectively owning over $100 million in property. Our personal experience and highly in-tune skills give us a clear-cut advantage over all the rest. We expertly provide in-depth, personalized guidance to each of our clients, from the most seasoned real estate seekers to first-time investors.


Practical tips for investment

Do your research

Before making an offer on any properties that you might invest in, do your research! Going off of personal assumptions and what you assume are best practices isn’t a safe route. There are many rules and regulations governing every part of buying, remodeling, and selling or renting out a home. This is especially true whether you are looking to turn your investment into a long term or vacation rental.

Your first step should be to research the type of investing you’d like to do. Once you’ve read up on core subjects, reach out to the Madison Hunter team to get all of your remaining questions answered. Working with an agent on your first few purchases is wise to ensure that you are making cost-effective decisions that will offer you the most growth in the long run.

Buy properties at the lowest price possible

Your goal in buying a real estate investment is to leave as much room for profit as possible. With so many fluctuations in the market over the past few years, knowing what’s a good deal and what isn’t can be next to impossible for beginner investors. Overall, aim to buy all properties at the lowest purchase price possible. This can be achieved through skillful negotiations and by working with an agent who knows exactly what to look for when finding properties specifically intended as an investment.

Get creative with where you search

If you think that you need to search through foreclosure auctions to get an amazing deal, this isn’t always the case. In fact, many foreclosures have significant work that needs to be done, cutting into your profit margin. Instead, get creative with where you look for your properties. Some individuals who need to sell their homes fast may be willing to sell far below the market value.

Manage your cash flow and overall risk

Protecting your current assets is extremely important when jumping into the world of real estate investing. As you learn about the industry, utilize tips for reducing your overall risk and managing your cash flow. Just like owning any other business, managing cash flow is crucial for having the funds on hand for repairs, unexpected expenses, and the like.


Ready to invest in your future?

If you want to learn more about real estate investing and take steps toward your future goals, reach out to our team of experienced professionals for more info! With a commitment to above-and-beyond customer service and expert insight into the market, we have the tools to help you reach success. Get started today! 

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