What all buyers and sellers need to know about this trend

Cryptocurrency and Real Estate


Cryptocurrency in real estate is becoming a major topic for all buyers, sellers, and developers to understand. Instead of making deals using traditional forms of payment, buyers are now leveraging cryptocurrency to get the best deals possible. This is especially true for those buying luxurious, multi-million dollar properties.

If you are unfamiliar with this rising trend, discover what you need to know right away about cryptocurrency and real estate. Read on for the Madison Hunter Team’s guide to why cryptocurrency has a future in real estate.


Why is cryptocurrency just now becoming a big deal in real estate?

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency have experienced significant ups and downs in the last year. After surging to an unprecedented value at the beginning of November 2021, Bitcoin has experienced a major downturn since the beginning of 2022. Due to the fact that crypto is relatively unpredictable in terms of its value, some individuals are looking for ways to stabilize their wealth. One of the best strategies to achieve this is to invest cryptocurrency funds into real estate — a much more stable and predictable investment.


Why do I need to know about the future of cryptocurrency in real estate?

Although this is a relatively new trend, buyers and sellers are more likely to encounter deals involving cryptocurrency than ever before. Being savvy in this topic — especially if you are an investor or developer — will help you stay on top of the industry. By knowing what is involved with a cryptocurrency transaction, you are more likely to continue finding and making the best possible deals on properties.


Will this trend last for the long term?

Predicting the future is always challenging. Based on what is known now, however, Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are likely to become more mainstream in terms of buying properties. Although it will not likely replace conventional mortgages and cash payments, crypto is likely to be a more accepted form of currency in the industry over the coming years.


How can I learn more about using cryptocurrency to purchase a home?

Right now, one of the best ways to learn about the role of cryptocurrency in real estate is through online research. After conducting research about values and conversions, reach out to a local real estate team who is knowledgeable about this topic. Not all agents are staying up-to-date with this movement, so it is important that your chosen real estate professional is well-versed in crypto.


Advantages of working with us

The Urbane SF luxury condo brokerage team with Madison Hunter is expertly skilled at navigating the cryptocurrency realm. Our team believes that crypto possesses massive potential for long-term growth, and we strive to help our clients reap the benefits of this unique opportunity. 

Working with us, crypto will be integrated into your home purchase to your advantage. When you purchase a condo with the Urbane SF team, you will receive a Bitcoin perk. The amount of Bitcoin you receive will be 0.5% of the purchase price based on the Bitcoin market closing price at midnight on the day of escrow closure. 

Upon receipt of your cryptocurrency, you can either liquidate it whenever you choose or allow it to appreciate, in the hopes that it will grow and subsidize a significant portion of your purchase price in the future. We are also coming up with ways to integrate crypto into our real estate strategies for buyers who would like to purchase or invest in properties using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Taking the first steps

If you have questions, we have answers! Contact the Urbane SF team at Madison Hunter to learn more about how you can buy or sell property with cryptocurrency. We look forward to speaking with you and discussing the ways that we will meet your real estate goals. With valuable insight into the market, firsthand knowledge of the San Francisco Bay area, and an unwavering commitment to client success, we approach any challenge head-on and are dedicated to guiding you through your real estate journey. Get started today!

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